Classic Obsession : Restoring a Rolls-Royce Corniche | Rear Axle and Hub Restoration | Video Tutorial

   Feb 16, 2024 13:13:00 PM

Rebuilding a Rolls-Royce Corniche | Rear Axle and Hub Restoration

In this detailed video tutorial, we dive into the Rolls-Royce Corniche rear axle, hubs, and universal joints (UJs). IntroCar is again proud to support Gary Maver's on his restoration journey as he covers the essential steps and technical insights necessary for success. This blog summarises the key points from the episode, providing a clear guide of what to expect, but we highly recommend watching the full video here for all of Gary's detail - he is a master at showing how to work through the car's projects!

Rear Axle Rebuild: Detailed Steps and Challenges

The restoration process begins with addressing the aftermath of an accident that left the Corniche's wing and bumper damaged. 

  • Stub Axle and Rear Hubs Rebuild
    • Introduction of New Stub Axle: Following damage in a previous incident, a new stub axle provided by IntroCar is introduced to replace the damaged one.
    • Bearing Replacement: The hubs are removed, and new bearings are fitted. A challenge is encountered with one of the bearings, leading to a complete thread strip on the stub axle, necessitating its replacement.
    • Refurbishing Brake Calipers: Alongside the axle and hub work, the brake calipers are refurbished and reinstalled.
  • Universal Joint Replacement
    • Condition Assessment: The old UJs, likely original to the car, show wear that could cause vibration. The importance of replacing these to maintain the car's performance is emphasized.
    • Removal Process: Detailed steps for safely removing the UJ without losing small parts, such as steel needles, are provided. A practical tip involves using a rubber glove to hold everything in place during removal.
    • Inspection and Cleaning: Close inspection reveals wear and scoring marks. The importance of cleaning and preparing the area for the new UJ, including groove cleaning for the new C clip and filing down any raised areas, is highlighted.
    • Installation of New UJ: The installation process is described, including careful handling of the needle bearings and ensuring a tight fit for the new UJ. Different methods for securing the UJ, such as tapping or pressing in, are discussed.
  • Lubrication Tips
    • Proper Lubrication: Emphasizes the importance of lubricating the new parts, including the use of EP90 grease. The video shares tips on servicing the car, like checking grease nipples and lubrication points to ensure everything is well-lubricated.
  • General Maintenance Advice
    • Servicing and Checks: The necessity of regular checks, especially on parts like UJs that may not show obvious signs of wear, is underscored. This preventive measure is crucial for avoiding sudden failures.

Key Steps

This guide aims to equip Rolls-Royce Corniche owners and classic car enthusiasts with the knowledge to tackle rear axle, hub, and UJ repairs confidently. For a deeper dive and more detailed explanations, viewing the full video is highly recommended. We encourage sharing your restoration experiences or questions, to help us to foster a community of classic car preservationists passionate about keeping their cars running smoothly.

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Used in the video is Universal Joint UG14118-X - 

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