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Includes the following:

  • 1 x FB3072 - Bearing Pin
  • 2 x GW800 - Bearing Race
  • 1 x GW1594 - Bolt
  • 54 x RF7365 - Needle Rollers
  • 1 x GW807 - Distance Tube
  • 2 x GW440 - Felt Washers
  • 1 x GW801KIT - Adjusting Washer Set including 3 pairs of washers of varying thickness
  • 1 x XB4209Z - Castellated Nut
  • 2 x XB1077 - Aluminium washers
  • 1 x UA10013Z - Split Pin

This kit includes three pairs of adjusting washers for the replacement of the lower yoke bearings as follows:

  • FB4843 (x2) 0.084-0.086'
  • FB4845 (x2) 0.094-0.096'
  • GW801 (x2) 0.104-0.106'

Use these to space the bearing housing triangle lever, leaving 0.000'-0.005' (0.00-0.13 mm) end float of the rolloer housings and distance piece in the triangle lever.

Suitable for:

Model(s)Year(s)Chassis Range
R Type1952-1955n/a
Silver Dawn (1949 55)1949-1955n/a
Silver Wraith1947-1959n/a

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