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This is the rear Height Control Ram, the purpose of which is to hydraulically lift the vehicle when additional weight is added to the rear of the car or to one side. While the vehicle should stand level on its springs (even when the engine is off), once weight is added the car will sink. This is counteracted by the hydraulic system, whereby a valve connected to the suspension allows pressurised fluid to the ram, which extends and pushes the car back to a level position.

This part is only available new in the Prestige Parts range. Reconditioned examples usually only include a seal kit. The internal main hard chromed piston is rarely replaced, and this tends to become scored over time.


  • Rolls-Royce Camargue (14674-33187), Corniche (09770-35807), Silver Shadow Coachbuilt (01067-09769), Silver Shadow Saloon (01002-26696), Silver Shadow II Saloon (30001-41601) & Silver Wraith II (30083-41648)
  • Bentley Corniche (10122-35465), T Coachbuilt (01149-09766), T Saloon (01001-26634) & T2 Saloon (30046-41573)

Suitable for:

Model(s)Year(s)Chassis Range
Silver Shadow1965-1976n/a
Silver Shadow (2 Door)1965-1971n/a
Silver Shadow II1976-1981n/a
Silver Wraith II1977-1981n/a
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