Kit Seal & Seats Upper Balljoint (Ur73257Kt-X) Rolls Royce Bentley By Prestige Parts

Kit Seal & Seats Upper Balljoint (UR73257KT)

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Application: All Rolls-Royce & Bentley cars manufactured from 1965 to 1998. Aftermarket Product Information: IntroCar has produced a new range of suspension ball joints that match or exceed OEM (Original Equipment Manufacture) standards, plus a range of seal & seat kits to enable you to repair a ball joint that still has some wear in the ball pin. Ball pins are manufactured from certificated 605M36T (EN16T) & 709M40T (EN19T) materials, exhibiting hardness characteristics of 18-19 Rockwell C, & tensile strength of 46-47 t.s.i., both of which measurements exceed their Bentley counterparts. Rubber boots are reinforced & clipped to eliminate ingress or water & dirt; ball pin seats are injection moulded for consistency & durability.

This is a no-compromise product range manufactured by suppliers to major car manufacturers.