Brake Shoe Lining (Rh12845-X) Rolls Royce & Bentley By Prestige Parts

Brake Shoe Lining (RH12845)

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  • Rolls-Royce Silver Dawn & Silver Wraith
  • Bentley MK VI & R Type
  • All car models from 1946 to1955

This brake shoe lining for drum brakes is from the steering section in the Rolls-Royce & Bentley parts catalogues for models built between 1946 to 1955.

The job of the brake shoe is to produce the friction needed to slow and stop the car. It consists of a curved surface of steel covered on one side with an abrasive lining material. Brake shoes are to drum brakes what brake pads are to disc brakes. Disc brake systems can cope with higher temperatures than drum brake systems, but brake shoes are cheaper than brake pads. While brake pads can be bought with a choice of friction materials to suit different driving habits, brake shoes use a generic material and will perish more quickly if you are prone to excessive or hard braking. It's advisable to replace your brake shoes in sets to ensure even wear.

This brake shoe lining supersedes:

  • RG3305

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