Brake Fluid 1 Litre Bottle (Rr363L1-X) Rolls Royce & Bentley By Prestige Parts
Brake Fluid 1 Litre Bottle (RR363L1)
Brake Fluid 1 Litre Bottle (RR363L1)

Brake Fluid 1 Litre Bottle (RR363L1)

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  • Rolls-Royce and Bentley models up to 1980 with a metal reservoir (up to chassis 50000)

This is a 1 litre bottle of Castrol RR363 hydraulic brake fluid. RR363 is a synthetic brake fluid similar to DOT 3 & DOT 4 brake fluids.

RR363 was developed specifically for Rolls-Royce applications and incorporates additional lubricants and additives that are essential to prevent wear to the high precision metal-to-metal running components in the hydraulic system, and also to eliminate noises and squeaks from other parts of the hydraulic system.

It is not recommended to mix DOT3 with Castor Oil to replace RR363 as the viscosity of the synthetic oils and caster oil is different. If you leave the mixed oils in a jar (or in the reservoir of your Rolls-Royce or Bentley braking system) it will separate, and one oil will float on top of the other.

RR363 includes a chemical dispersant which keeps the caster oil evenly dispersed through the base oil. This is why IntroCar recommends only the use of RR363 where specified for your Rolls-Royce or Bentley.

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