Online Store for Rolls-Royce & Bentley 'Prestige Parts' Launches

The Prestige Parts brand was created from a need for supplying aftermarket spares to the Rolls-Royce & Bentley motorcar industry. 

Buying any part for your Rolls-Royce or Bentley motorcar from the Prestige Parts brand ensures that you are buying a product which meets or exceeds Original Equipment Manufacture (OEM) specifications from the factory original. 

Prestige Parts are manufactured with a philosophy heavily invested in a supplier chain of excellence sourcing aftermarket suppliers who are set up to manufacture smaller production runs and who understand batch rather than line production. We work with them to eliminate inefficiencies, often using modern technology and machinery to replace older techniques and investing in multi year stocks to ensure we are paying the best possible price. The key is investing in suppliers - allowing them to manufacture the right tools, buying enough to utilise minimum material requirements and purchasing at a volume that allows them to make money without having to inflate the unit price. Our suppliers are our partners and without them there are fewer Rolls-Royce & Bentley classics on the road. 

Between 96-98% of the Prestige Parts range is sourced in the United Kingdom. Whilst many suppliers may have long term relationships or ownership in overseas factories, the quality control management is built into the framework of the relationship and occurs in the UK. 

There are of course products which are manufactured and supplied outside of the UK also but the reason for this is never due to price. Rather, decision making occurs at the point of quality and ability as well as price. The most complicated body seals we have in the range are made in Thailand. They have better toolmakers than anyone else and so the product is quite simply better. Was this the cheapest option for the Prestige Parts range? Absolutely not, but we maintain the philosophy of selecting the best partners for the best product. Just look at the range and quality of our seals. 

Our belief in maintaining excellence in the quality of products allows us to offer an extended warranty on 'Prestige Parts'. Any product supplied from this brand is automatically sold with a 3 year warranty if you buy it direct or from one of our registered Resellers.